Case Construction

Every road case by Circle Three Designs is custom built to the customer’s and product’s exact needs and specifications.  Balancing light-weight & maneuverability with ruggedness & durability ensures the best overall product.  This falls into decisions when determining ply thickness as well as foam type and density.  Undercutting costs is never considered when designing and building a case.  Pride in craftsmanship and engineering ensures the best possible case to transport your product.

The actual construction of the case is a very serious matter.  At Circle Three Designs only blind rivets (aka pop rivets) and T-Lok rivets are used.  We never use split rivets due to their inferior tensile strength (although still used by competitors due to cost savings and ease of installation). A series of different adhesives are used increasing the overall strength and durability.  Each adhesive is chosen specifically for the material type, ensuring the strongest possible bond.  Double-angle extrusion is predominately used with tongue & groove extrusion and is welded together at key joints.  The point is to take a series of materials and combine them into one complete unit that will absorb and distribute any shock vibrations throughout the entire case rather than the shock being isolated to the specific point of contact.  Disbursing the shock throughout the entire case puts your product in the best possible position to survive any abuse, neglect or accidental mishap.