Every road case by Circle Three Designs is custom built to the customer’s and product’s exact needs and specifications.  Balancing light-weight & maneuverability with ruggedness & durability ensures the best overall product.  This falls into decisions when determining ply thickness as well as foam type and density.  Undercutting costs is never considered when designing and building a case.  The tongue & groove aluminum extrusion is welded together to help create a durable and strong road case.  Pride in craftsmanship and engineering ensures the best possible case to transport your product.

Drum vaults and trunks are available to transport entire kits in a single case or we can break the kit down into multiple cases to keep everything truck-pack friendly.  Cavities can be made to the drum's exact dimensions or general sized cavities can be made in order to accommodate different kits. For the general cavity size design, removable foam inserts keep the drums secure during transport.  Drawers and hardware cavities are common and customizable for each case.