Fly-Out Guitar-Tech Briefcase

Every road case by Circle Three Designs is custom built to the customer’s and product’s exact needs and specifications.  Balancing light-weight & maneuverability with ruggedness & durability ensures the best overall product.  This falls into decisions when determining ply thickness as well as foam type and density.  Undercutting costs is never considered when designing and building a case.  The tongue & groove aluminum extrusion is welded together to help create a durable and strong road case.  Pride in craftsmanship and engineering ensures the best possible case to transport your product.

Standard Features
- OD: 20” x 16” x 9” H
- 1 main cavity: 18” x 14” x 3.625”
- 2 cavities along the neck-rest side of the case are each: 14” x 6” x 2.375”H
- 1/4” flight panel. (This polypropylene material is lighter and stronger than its counterpart birch, ply.)
- Rosewood/Birch neck-rest and body-block.  The neck-rest has a V shape cutout to securely hold a variety of neck shapes and sizes.  The body-block is attached to the back end of the work-surface to keep the guitar from sliding off the rear.
- 1/4” input jack to be used as a placeholder for a tuner’s cable when not in use.  This also works as a "cable vise" when soldering cables.
-  Magnetic dish.